Weed Control 101


Here are some general herbicide application guidelines:

1. Always read and completely understand the label precautions and use instructions.  Chemical labels are written in a language closely related to English, but they can be difficult to decode.  Please call your chemical supplier or county weed office if you need help.  There are no stupid questions.

2. In order to know how much chemical to put in the tank, you need to know how much water you are putting out per acre or 1000 square feet.  Your chemical supplier or county weed office can help you calibrate your sprayer.

3. Spray adjuvants such as surfactants (wetting agents), penetrants, water treatments, and spray dyes can help you get the most from your herbicide dollar.  If you deliver your treatment on target and get it into you target pest, you stand less risk of damage from spray drift and less chance of having to re-treat.

4. Know your target.  There are no magic cure-alls.  Specific chemistries work best on specific weeds.  Your chemical supplier can help you match up products with pests.

5. Have a plan.  Few weed problems can be cured with one treatment. Sit down and budget you time and money. Schedule applications when you get the most activity on your target weeds. Plan for later applications to pick up escapes, and don’t forget yearly cleanup treatments along your borders to stop your neighbor’s weeds from getting a foothold on your property.

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